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Beauty treatments for ladies & gentlemen

Treatment Relaxation time Pice
Quick Beauty Elixir
cleansing, peeling, mask und daycare
30 mins 35,00 EUR
Beauty Deluxe
signature made treatment according to your skin's individual needs: lifting-treatment, vitamin power or sensitive skin
80 mins 75,00 EUR
Homme - For men only
deep facial cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction on request, massage, mask and a special day care for men
60 mins* 55,00 EUR


Massage Relaxation time Price
Partial body massage
Please select for a massage of the back, feet or face/head
25 mins* 28,00 EUR
Complete body massage
Relaxing full body massage including head and feet
55 mins* 59,00 EUR
Massage for children
Sensitive massage of the back or full body according to tallness and age of the child with warm chocolate oil.
20 mins* 19,00 EUR

Relaxing bath dreams

Bath Relaxation time Price
Herbal oil bath
anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory and deeply relaxing
25 mins per person 20,00 EUR
2 persons 30,00 EUR
Spreewälder linseed oil bath
lipid replenishing - especially for dry skin
25 mins per person 20,00 EUR
2 persons 30,00 EUR
Beer bath
detoxifying, skin nutrition, revitalising and calming
25 mins per person 20,00 €
2 persons 30,00 EUR
Christinenbath with rose petals
Enjoy the special atmosphere in our private spa room, just relax and ebb away. Inclusive Prosecco and a plate of fresh fruit.
40 mins per person 35,00 EUR
2 persons 45,00 EUR

Body masks & peelings

Treatment Relaxation time Price
Seasalt peeling
encouraging the blood ciculation, metabolic stimulation and detoxifying, this treatment may be enhanced when using the sauna afterwards.
20 mins 22,00 EUR
Orange-sugar peeling
sugar scrubs smothely while the fruity oil nourishes your skin
20 mins 22,00 EUR
Coffee peeling
draining, trightends, prevents cellulite, softens the skin
20 mins 22,00 EUR
Aloe-vera body mask
moisturizing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory, recommended for stressed and irritated skin
25 mins 25,00 EUR
Linseed oil body mask
a cellular rejuvenation through the combination with evening primrose oil, especially for dry skin
25 mins 25,00 EUR
Healing chalkstone body mask
detoxifying and skin regenerating, suitable for all skin types, especially when suffering from neurodermatitis and psoriasis
25 mins 25,00 EUR

Treatments marked with a (*) are followed by an additional reposing time that may vary according to the treatment plan. We also ask you to mention any personal health restraints well before. In case you are pregnant we also ask you to inform us. Especially during the last three months of your pregnancy not all of our treatments may be suitable. We recommend to make your appointment for your selected treatment(s) at your earliest convenience with our spa reception on direct line +49(0)35601/8972-29 or email to wellness@christinenhof.net