Wellness massages

Treatment Time Price
Relaxing head and face massage
A gentle harmonizing massage of the neck including the entire head and face, to which a vitamin-rich cream is additionally applied and massaged in.
25 min 38,00 €
Arm and hand massage
arms and hands work tirelessly all day long - now it's time to pamper them and draw new energy with a relaxing hand and arm massage.
25 min 38,00 €
Back and neck massage
Everyday stress quickly settles in the back. Simply wipe away the tensions! With our deeply effective massage in the neck and shoulder area as well as under the shoulder blades you will experience relaxation.
25 min 38,00 €
Foot massage
Our feet carry us through everyday life - treat yourself to a blood circulation stimulating, loosening massage of the feet and calf muscles and enjoy a feeling of lightness - as if your feet were new.
25 min 38,00 €
Full body massage
Pamper your body with a full body massage from head to toe and experience holistic deep relaxation back to your inner balance.
55 min 69,00 €
Kids massage
Massage of the back or the whole body depending on the size and age of the child with warm chocolate oil.
20 min 25,00 €
Surcharge aroma oil massage
Make your massage a special experience. Natural oils from soy, almonds and jojoba pamper the skin, while the high-quality essential oils relax, calm or revitalize the senses.
3,50 €

Body & Soul

Treatment Time Price
Hot Stone Massage
A soothing full body massage with hot stones and selected aromatic oils, promotes blood circulation in the muscles and stimulates the flow of energy.
30 min 45,00 €
This Ayurvedic full-body massage with warm sesame oil regenerates and detoxifies the body with gentle stroking movements.
80 min 99,00 €
Soap brush massage
During this wet massage, you are massaged with aromatic soap foam and natural hair brushes, leaving your skin feeling rosy and nourished.
25 min 35,00 €
Hopi Earcandles treatment
A liberating and deeply relaxing ceremony with beeswax ear candles including a head and ear massage to stimulate the body's own energy flow.
40 min 45,00 €

Turkish Hamam

Treatment Time Price
Turkish Hamam "Classic"
This oriental cleansing ceremony is a full body scrub with silk gloves. Your muscles will relax with a subsequent foam bath and a natural hair brush massage on the warm hamam stone, followed by a hair wash. For a rest we serve you a fruit plate and fresh apple tea.
60 min 75,00 €
Turkish bathing ritual - your individual Hamam
Experience a full body scrub with silk gloves, followed by a foam bath and a foam massage on the warm Hamam stone, head and face massage and a hair wash. Afterwards you enjoy a full body oiling with selected aromatic oil. For a rest we serve you a fruit plate and fresh apple tea.
75 min 94,00 €

Please note that all treatments include a rest period. This may depending on the type and duration of the treatment. We kindly ask you to inform us about any health restrictions before the treatments. If you are pregnant, please inform us. Especially in the first 3 months not all treatments are recommended. 

We recommend booking your wellness treatments as part of your room reservation or well in advance of your arrival by
phone at +49 (0) 35601 - 8972 - 27 or by e-mail to Wellness[at]christinenhof.net 

Booking conditions: Cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the appointment. After that, 80% cancellation fees may apply, unless we are able to assign the appointment to someone else.